Carmelo Anthony Takes Another Hit

Mark Kiszla is pulling no punches in response to his recent interview with Carmelo Anthony in which the forward said, “It’s easy. I go out there and my focus is not to score 30 points. My mindset is a lot different. I can just go out there and clean up shots with offensive rebounds, get loose balls and play defense.”

Kiszla doesn’t seem to be buying into the idea that Melo might be more heavily focused on defense and rebounding– although, to play devil’s advocate for a moment, if anyone can pull that kind of a performance out of Melo, it would be a guy like Coach K. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.

But here is what Kiszla had to say in response:

Defense? Not sure Anthony knows how to spell the word, much less play it.

Rebounding? Anthony is more likely to eat only blood pudding in Great Britain than acquire a taste for crashing the boards.

Glue guy? Well, he certainly has sticky fingers. Throw him a pass. It sticks. Good luck getting the basketball back.

You can call Anthony a lot of things. Olympic gold medalist. Clutch shooter. NCAA champion. Coach killer.

Ouch. I’m a little surprised that Anthony will still talk to Kiszla.

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