Self-Back-Pattery Fun

Okay, while trying to remember what it was that made the previous site semi-popular and what went into the creation of the site over its life, I came across something that I wrote about ResurrectionSong back in the day.

When someone told me that bloggers were going to be rock stars, I thought Resurrection Song would not only give me an opportunity to share my thoughts with the world, but there might be big money and groupies in the deal. After over 4,000 articles,17,000 comments, not a single earned dollar, and no groupies whatsoever, it would seem that the rock star comparison was slightly overblown.

Still, running a moderately conservative Web site that covers topics as diverse as war, gay marriage, pop culture, Social Security reform, and the Denver Broncos proved more addictive than I imagined. Where else would a former bartender from Denver have the opportunity to share ideas with writers from both Arab News and American Spectator? Where would he have the chance to be interviewed for his political thoughts on talk radio and for syndicated newspaper columns?

Blogging, at its best, is a meritocracy that gives ordinary people the chance to reach extraordinary audiences.

Resurrection Song isn’t the biggest site, but its wonderful community of regulars and eclectic cast of writers make it worth the efforts. That people come to the site daily to read my words (and, often, disagree) is high praise.

The funny thing is that these few paragraphs actually did remind me of some of what I liked about blogging at the beginning.

The question remains, though: can I capture that moment a second time? I kind of believe so. I certainly hope so.