Now that I’ve dealt with my problem with the Disqus comments, I can ask a little favor. At some point, I will be attacking the links to the side of the blog. I’d like to have some interesting sites to include (and friendly blogs as well). To this end, I would appreciate a little help; let me know what sites are worth my attention so that I can get them linked up.

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7 Responses to “Links”

  1. This is a serious question? :o)

  2. zombyboy says:

    You know you will always have a place on my blogroll. Always.

    I am sad, though, that now I’ve resumed my job that takes me once a year to Jax, you’ve moved. I’d love to have had a chance to buy y’all a beer or three.

  3. Are you looking for anything in particular? I can recommend a number of interesting sites/blog that you (personally) might find interesting, but most won’t be political in nature.

  4. zombyboy says:

    Jerry, that’s a really good question. I probably should have answered that originally. I want to list sites that I would actually be interested in reading and commenting on. So, yeah, politics, but also music, tech, developer (but not so focused that the only thing they want to talk about is programming), marketing, sports, and whatever catches my eye. It’s probably as much about the people involved as it is about the topics.

  5. jed says:

    Yep, as I figured, Disqus ate my comment. Too many links, I’m sure. Well, one day I’ll send some interesting things your way in e-mail.

  6. I can think of one *cough* *cough*

    Glad to finally see you’re back.

  7. zombyboy says:

    Jed, I whitelisted your other user name combo. Try using that and see if it will let you post all the links.

    Trench, you know you always get a top spot. And thanks for welcoming me back. I hope I can earn some decent readership again– I think the game has changed a bit since I last did this regularly.

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