Adrift – Denver’s Only Tiki Bar (Click to make it bigger)

I spent a few hours drinking with friends at Denver’s only tiki bar, Adrift. It’s on Broadway in a fairly nondescript little building; you might miss it if you didn’t know what you were looking for.

Two of my very favorite people in the whole world– both of whom I’m trying to recruit for this new site and both of whom would bring different voices and ideas to the place– fueled by shots, great stories, and, simply, the pleasure of each other’s company.  It was a good night.

I don’t drink as much as I used to. The expense is too great both in the wallet and in the next day’s recuperation, so I’m feeling a little pain today. There are no regrets, though. I think there is something important about the ritual of spending quality time with friends who can hear your thoughts without judging them, who can argue with good cheer about everything from politics to music to bad movies.

I owe them a great thanks for their time and their friendship.

It didn’t hurt that for the first time in my many years of drinking, I met a cocktail waitress who was almost as obsessed with Mark Lanegan and Screaming Trees as I am; nor did it hurt that I convinced the bartender to play the great Trees’ song, “Silver Tongue,” late in the evening. Even better, the small crowd in the place actually seemed to enjoy the experience and no one complained when the Trees kept playing.

Is there a bigger point? Probably not. Maybe just that life shouldn’t be so mired in its political debates and disappointments that we forget to live and cherish even joys like these.

I’ll be there again tonight with my wife and a handful of other friends. All women. It won’t be quite the same (and I won’t drink quite so much), but you can be sure that I’ll be a happy man.

Any of my friends in the Denver area are welcome to join us. Just follow the sound of my laughter.

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13 Responses to “Adrift”

  1. jed says:

    RIght across from the post office? Can I safely park in the post office lot?

  2. zombyboy says:

    I don’t think so, but I’ve never had a problem finding a parking space on the streets within a block or two of the bar. I’ve also never thought about trying to park at the post office, so that might be a viable solution.

  3. Damnit! We were in NC and I’m sorry I missed the chance to hang out with you and your lovely wife! :(

  4. zombyboy says:

    We’ll do it again at some point. You’ll have your chance again.

    Anyway, I’m betting you had a really good time in NC. Beautiful state. If I didn’t have such unhappy memories of living in Asheville, it would be on my short list of places to move.

  5. jdantonio says:

    I’ll try not to be too disappointed that I’m on neither the “favorite people” nor “trying to recruit” lists. *sigh*

  6. zombyboy says:

    You should know you occupy a unique place in the hierarchy. “Favorite people” isn’t quite big enough. And the recruitment drive will be coming once I’m happy with the site. I’m not happy with it yet and I don’t like the way that it is currently functioning in terms of display of the stories. Once it’s ready, you’ll be getting your invitation and instructions.

  7. jdantonio says:

    Dude, I hope you know I was just joking. Besides, no tiki bar is worth the price of a plane ticket. Awesome grilled cheese, maybe. Actually, if awesome grilles cheese were the ticket you’d have to fly here. Crap, I’m sure I had a point somewhere. Maybe I shouldn’t split a pitcher of margaritas over lunch…

    On the other hand, maybe I should do that more often. My Twitter feed seems a bit lively today.

  8. zombyboy says:

    I haven’t had one of those grilled cheese sandwiches in a few years.

    Now I’m hungry.

    I’m convinced the world needs more tiki and less giving a shit. Especially the less giving a shit part.

  9. Robin Roberts says:

    A Tiki bar? I haven’t been caught in a Tiki bar for thirty five years.

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