Comic Sans: It Just Ain’t Funny

Font snobs rejoice: the hour of your triumph is nigh.

For many of us, the most shocking revelation to come out of CERN’s Higgs boson announcement today was quite unrelated to the science itself. Rather, we were blown away by the fact that a team made up of some of the most undoubtedly brilliant people in the world believe that Comic Sans is an appropriate font for such a historic occasion.

C’mon, font snobs, you can’t expect a roomful of Sheldons to choose the right font for their presentation (although you should be surprised if you find out that they don’t have an opinion on the subject).

As for me, my favorite font of the moment is Avenir. Tasty.

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(PS- Credit where due: this article brought to my attention by the great Matt Moore, formerly Big Hair Matt, formerly the guy who ran The Blog of the Century of the Week.)

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7 Responses to “Comic Sans: It Just Ain’t Funny”

  1. jed says:

    I typically go for Bitstream Vera, for both Serif and Sans- type. Still like good old Helvetica too though. I tend to not think about it as much as I used too. But then the days of actually printing things out and mailing them is all but over. Back when I did such things, I favored Garamond and Baskerville.

    As a result of a ham-handed attempt at recovering from an OS upgrade deleting some of my favorite fonts, I now have more than I can choose from. I really need to houseclean in that area. I suppose that partly explains why I just stick with Vera; it’s too much trouble to wade through the choices and pick something else.

    I don’t hate Comic Sans, but neither have I ever found a use for it.

  2. zombyboy says:

    I go to press with something at least once a week and often more than that. The lack of control with web fonts has made me more lax about typography than I used to be, though. Sad.

    Always a big fan of Garamond. Classic.

    • Steve Wheeler says:

      Oh, yeah. Love Garamond. One of my favorites. I don’t do much with fonts, though. We have a standard one we use at work (I don’t remember which, specifically), and I use one or two monospaced fonts for putting code into the manuals, but that’s about it.

      • zombyboy says:

        My vaguely artistic soul would possibly die under those conditions.

        • Doug Sundseth says:

          You need to tell your vaguely artistic soul to man the f*** up. Nobody cares about fonts but graphic designers (he says as a former graphic designer).


          • zombyboy says:

            Just for that, I’m going to start writing everything in Comic Sans. Your vaguely artistic soul will feel the pain of my font-y vengeance.

          • Doug Sundseth says:

            It’s html; fonts can be overridden. So as long as you’re happy with your decision, I just don’t see a downside.


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