It Ain’t Easy Being Tebow

I’ve always been a Peyton Manning fan, so I was happy when I heard he was coming to Denver. I was also happy when I heard that Tim Tebow was being traded away; and it’s not that I have some personal animus against Tebow or his expressions of faith. Hell, I even think he might be a decent quarterback some day (although it’s going to require a lot of work on his part).

No, I was happy that he was leaving town because being in the Tebow business is a miserable grind. It’s misplaced venom and anger, fans who think ten minutes of impressive football per game somehow makes a QB a winner, and flame wars in the comments section of local web sites.

Tebow’s biggest negative, aside from slow decision-making and poor accuracy, is a rabid fan base who truly managed to poison the well last year. Those fans, whose live in (I’m sorry, Steve) Tebow’s Reality Distortion Field, credit those wins to Tebow although to any honest fan the majority of the credit needed to go to a Broncos defense that kept games manageable through the first three quarters of inept Tebow play, a kicker that played beautifully in crunch time, and a running game that helped measurably in making up for the weakened passing game.

I watched every game, absorbing the good and the bad of the kid, and felt an intense frustration at the inconsistencies in his play. Yes, he is competitive, hardworking, and full of athletic promise; but it takes more to be a great NFL quarterback. Indeed, for most of the great QBs, the hallmark is consistency. They play consistently good football and sprinkle it with moments of greatness. Tebow plays consistently bad football and sprinkles it with occasional miracles and wonder.

And I don’t want to hear about how great last year was. Last year was another 8-8 year for the Broncos where they were lucky to make the playoffs. Their record wouldn’t have earned them the trip most years and is a tribute more to the weakness of the AFC West than to the skills and miracles of Mr. Tebow.

So, while I think Esiason may be wrong about Tebow in calling for the Jets to cut the young man, it’s the comment section of this article that reminds me of how annoying the universe of Tebow can be when you have to live with it week after week. Here are a few of the more special comments:

s37en • an hour ago
esiason probably voted for obama. he is not ok in the head
GozieBoy • an hour ago
I think that Elway and Boomer know a thinng or two about ego, and simplly seethe at the attention and popularity that Tobow brings to anythiung he does. Boomer fears potential competition in the booth in future years as well, especially as his skills are so marginal. Maybe the real call is “CUT BOOMER NOW”.
Phil Kammer • an hour ago
I truly believe this is all bigotery against a powerful Christain figure
Joseph Lizak • 3 hours ago
Tim Tebow is the first QB that’s a real man. He’s buffed up like a linebacker and has the ultimate winning spirit only god would understand. Boomer on the other hand goes to a beauty salon to keep his blonde hair perfect for TV, was made fun of as a kid because he was left handed, and wears his high school girlfriends cheerleading dress he saved from 1984 when he’s feeling kinky.

That’s quality commentary right there.

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