Beautiful Music

When you live a certain kind of life– the kind of life that leads you to run around telling everyone that “happiness is overrated,” for example– you find that your idea of beauty might not match the rest of the world’s.

Take this song, for example. “War Memorial,” from Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood, is a melancholy song filled with disturbing imagery and death. In less careful care, this might have become something overwrought and dramatic, but these two keep the tone strangely light, even ethereal.

Lanegan’s voice–often a deep rasp– floats quietly through the gentle sweep of the music in a way that doesn’t even hint at his work in rock bands Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age. For a man with such an earthy voice, “War Memorial” borders on the miraculous. Of course, for fans familiar with his solo work, this will come as less of a surprise:  studied melancholy is a bit of a specialty. For newcomers, the good news is that there is more than a decade of incredible music to discover.

But let’s start with this little gem.

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2 Responses to “Beautiful Music”

  1. jed says:

    I wouldn’t have guessed that to be Lanegan, but then I don’t have your breadth of exposure either. Certainly the mood and styling fit with other stuff I’ve listened to.

    Going off on something of a tangent, I just heard a track by Cesária Évora, ‘Sodade’. Oh, so nice.

  2. zombyboy says:

    I’m listening to that right now. Beautiful– she has an gorgeous, rich voice. Thanks for pointing it out.

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